Our Story

My name is Ananda van Heerden from Stellenbosch, South Africa. Here, I am living out my passion. I started New Life Greens in 2017. Being a Nutritionist by trade, my interests in well-being and wholesomeness led me to this superfood. These baby greens quickly captivated my attention and inspired me to make a difference and share them with the world!  As an entrepreneur I continuously find new innovative ways to make microgreens part of peoples lives.  I am proud of every product on the shelves and our service to customer chefs is of highest priority.

Our Mission:


Our mission is simple: To see micro shooters grow in all home windowsills, and to be enjoyed on every plate. For families to fall in love with sustainably growing microgreens, enjoy the taste, and become healthier by adding this superfood micro veggie of abundant new life!


The Enviroment

By promoting sustainable living and not wasting food.

Every Household

By empowering everyone to grow a superfood all year long.

The Community

Through job creation and educational projects.

Hospitality Clients

By providing high-quality products and reliable service.

Restaurant Spaces

By bringing life to tables with green living elements.

Our Partners