Microgreen Labneh

Microgreen Labneh

Labneh is also known as “Ophang Kaas” and in this recipe, we’ve added the amazing nutrient-dense Radish Microgreens. If you’re not already making labneh, now’s the time to start! This creamy, tangy yogurt cheese comes together with just a few simple ingredients. The hardest part of making labneh cheese is waiting. Everything else is simple. But if you try this labneh recipe, I think you’ll agree that the wait is well worth it.


For how delicious labneh is, it’s shockingly easy to make. It has a thick, spreadable texture similar to soft goat cheese or cream cheese, and thanks to its yogurt base and the radish microgreens, its flavour is rich and tangy. Throughout the Middle East, it’s a common addition to mezze platters, where it’s served as a dip with olive oil and spices, but the uses for it don’t end there. You can dot it onto salads, dollop it onto pizza, slather it onto sandwiches, and more!


You’ll need:

· 1 kg Double Cream Yoghurt
· 50 g Radish Microgreens
· 10 Wild Garlic Flowers (Or any edible flowers available in your garden)
· Olive oil & Seasoning to serve
· A Muslin Cloth (an old pillowcase or clean tea towel works just as well)



1. Chop your Radish microgreens roughly.
2. Mix yogurt, microgreens, and edible flowers in a medium bowl.
3. Place your cloth in the centre of another clean bowl and spoon in the yogurt and greens mixture.
4. Securely tie the muslin around the yogurt mixture.
5. Hang the yogurt over your bowl in the fridge for 48 hours.
6. After 48 hours you can untie the muslin cloth, scoop the Labneh into a serving bowl, season according to taste, and drizzle with olive oil.