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Servicing the hospitality industry

Microgreens are nature in abundance! They are overflowing and bursting with tangible nutrition and beauty. New Life Greens are the environmentally conscious, minimal solution for restaurant and hotel décor. We supply edible décor to the finest hotels, restaurants, coffee shops, cocktail bars, and caterers in and around Cape Town, South Africa.

These living microgreens are carefully hand sown and prepare for the tables, or at the kitchen’s garnishing station.

New Life Greens ensures sustainability by creating a product that keeps growing and gets re-used by the kitchen afterwards supporting sustainability.


Microgreens are the ultimate garnish due to their vibrant colors, fresh taste and nourishing effects.


We work closely with chefs to ensure that the seasonal microgreens are utilized, complement their menu, and cut the costs of their garnish expenses. Even though table décor used to be the main focus for restaurants and hotels, we have found that functions and buffets are moving away from traditional floral arrangements on tables and opting for minimal greenery. This is another reason why Microgreens are perfect for any setup. Putting living microgreen plants on your table setting will not only look great but also be functional.


Intra-mural projects at schools

Let’s grow Micro Shooters at your school.


Have your schools INTRA MURAL ACTIVITY with the Micro Shooters.  It’s an educational wonderous activity and be the change GO GREEN! Growing microgreens as a group activity can be a functional and informative tool in the classroom. Microgreens will compliment curriculums of many subjects and all ages.  Its easy to succeed and teachers will be enabled to complete the full process without visitors onto school grounds.  Many packages are available to fit your school’s budget.


The Micro Shooters are produced to offer value and quality at an affordable price. With videos and easy-to-follow instructions, children of all ages will find it easy-to-use, applicable, and enjoyable.


One Garden Day project of 2021 makes us very proud.  We were part of the School Project in Stellenbosch. We supplied 6500 Primary School learners with Micro Shooters grow kits to grow microgreens in tubs.

Workshops & Social Development

Microgreens can be a solution to fill the gap in poor nutrient-dense nutrition.  We can help and improve the health and boost the immunities of your employees or community.  It starts with education and hands-on training.  Microgreens are not for only for chefs to garnish or a health trend.  Give us the opportunity to encourage and empower young and old.  We can package a product and course to suit your budget.


Ananda is passionate to get involve in community projects and feeding schemes.  We believe in empowering and educating communities to sustainably grow their own food.


Cooperate environments need to have their employee’s health and mental health a priority.  With a microgreen tray growing on their tables, they won’t only bring superfood to their plates, it will create a team effort of excitement, wonder and sharing.  We are always amazed to see how the outcome of ‘sleeping seed ‘turning into an abundant harvest boosts a team and create an environment to learn from each other.  Read this review on a cooperate team workshop discussion afterwards. blog


If you need BEE or Social development solutions, please contact us to transfer skills and improve both their physical and mental wellbeing. 

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