Peas Please Green Juice

Peas Please Green Juice

This sweet pea juice with pea greens, lemon, and apple is wonderful for liver detox. It can also act as the ideal choice when you feel like a light midday snack that is not sugary, fatty, and does not leave you feeling heavy or bloated. The perfect option when you have pea microgreens at home that needs to be harvested.


You’ll need:

· 1 handful of Pea greens
· 1 Apple, green
· 1 cup packed baby spinach
· ½ English cucumber
· 1 Lemon, (rind removed)
· 1 Pinch sea salt
· 1 handful of Ice cubes



1. Harvest your microgreen peas from your “Grow It Yourself” Jar.
2. Wash and spin microgreens and baby spinach and add to blender.
3. Cut cucumber and lemon into smaller pieces.
4. Add the remaining ingredients and blend everything together until smooth. Enjoy!