The Hospitality Industry – We are the difference!

The Hospitality Industry – We are the difference!

Ever wondered about the rand value of fresh flowers and perishable décor that gets thrown away in the hospitality industry? You will be shocked.  Is it a sustainable practice?  NO, definitely not the ideal practice!!

Being a nutritionist by trade combined with a passion for the hospitality industry, I believed that New Life Greens can make a difference in restaurants and hotels, and we certainly did!!  And this is how it all began…

New Life Greens are the environmentally conscious, minimal solution for restaurant and hotel décor. We supply edible décor to the finest hotels, restaurants, coffee shops, cocktail bars, and caterers in and around Cape Town, South Africa.

Microgreens are nature in abundance! They are  bursting with tangible nutrition and beauty

These living microgreens are carefully hand sown and prepare for the tables, or at the kitchen’s garnishing station.

New Life Greens ensures sustainability by creating a product that keeps growing and gets re-used by the kitchen afterwards, a sustainable and healthy practice.

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Microgreens are the ultimate garnish due to their vibrant colors, fresh taste and nourishing effects.


We work closely with chefs to ensure that the seasonal microgreens are utilized, complement their menu, and cut the costs of their garnish expenses. Even though table décor used to be the main focus for restaurants and hotels, we have found that functions and buffets are moving away from traditional floral arrangements on tables and opting for minimal greenery. This is another reason why Microgreens are perfect for any setup. Putting living microgreen plants on your table setting will not only look great but also be functional.

If you own a restaurant, hotel, guest house, coffee shop or deli and you are thinking about going sustainable with your décor, get in touch with us !!

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